Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022

Last year's hit show is back with a new variant alongside 'Battle: A Modern Mystery Play', first produced at the Battle Medieval Mystery Fair in June 2022.


About The Shows


Four actors and one director: two plays and 37 characters. Voices of lonely
lovers and bereft mothers, proud kings and dirty scavengers, mean witches
and nosy neighbours, cynical fates, pushy daughters, brave sons. Extreme
situations call for extreme reactions. Harrowing and hilarious in equal
measure. See both shows for £14.50.

The writer of SwanWing Productions hears voices... in her head... and on the
phone, and in the park, in newspapers, in books. Everyone tells her of their
grief, their fun, their challenges. And she writes them down, those stories of
lonely women and men, the old ladies who look into their mirror, the young
ones desperate for loving. Mothers of soldiers through history, sisters, fathers,
suspicious and desperate, joyous and brave, always brave. Plodding on, no
matter what, giving life and love another chance.

Last year's hit show Love in the Time of Lockdown, selling out at Edinburgh
and Brighton Fringe, is back with a new variant which will once again have
you laughing, crying and talking about how lockdown was for you. And this
time it comes with a partner: BATTLE – a Modern Mystery Play. Inspired by
the York mystery plays and the Norman conquest of 1066 expect a totally
different take on Harry and William and their incessant squabbling through

“Subtly peppered with dark, dry humour, both brilliantly written and

consummately delivered.” ★★★★
‘Tim Wilcock – Fringe Review

“….a mixture of pathos and humour, trying to square the demands

of love and lust with the rules on social distancing.”

Clive Davis - The Times


Last Year's Fringe

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