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"From Harrowing to Hilarious!"

"Fabulous Cast and Compelling Writing."


"Some Moments Felt Like Memories."

"Excellent and Thought Provoking."

Love In The Time Of Lockdown

At Edinburgh Fringe

Brighton Fringe sellout 'Love In The Time Of Lockdown' is going to Edinburgh! We will be performing every day, from August 6th to August 14th, 1.20pm, in TheSpace @ Symposium Hall Surgeons Hall, Nicholson St, Edinburgh EH8 9DW. 


This play is a collection of 17 voices in scenes written during the February 2021 lockdown in response to stories that Saskia was told and situations she found herself in. Sometimes friends would say just one sentence that triggered whole monologues as in The Ox and the Apples. A woman casually chatted about breaking the lockdown rules in the Park. Saskia and others were getting their first vaccination at the Brighton Centre, Doctor, or needed to get away from not enough or far too much going on at home which gave rise to escapist fantasies, Car, or the need to call a helpline, Switchboard: home schooling anyone?!

The actors all met on zoom play readings, which is where many actors went when they could not set foot into theatres and rehearsal rooms. Saskia took her writing to some of these readings and the actors wanted to play those characters and asked her to create a show. We all knew the stories needed to be told and that the audience would feel recognised and heard.