June 2022

Battle Medieval Mystery Fair

SwanWing Productions' performance of new play, 'Battle: A Modern Mystery Play', roused audiences over the weekend of June 4th and 5th at the 2022 Battle Medieval Mystery Fair. 

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A Bit About The Play

'Battle: A Modern Mystery Play'

written by playwright Saskia Wesnigt Wood

“Battle” The story of 1066 told through the eyes of its women.


This modern mystery play with three women and a man is never more relevant than now. When all you have is your acting skills, even as a refugee, you will put up your stage and perform your show. Travelling thespians are fleeing with their wagon. They stop and tell their stories. In war, how do mothers, queens, wives, daughters and actors cope? They gather their skirts and they soldier on.

Schools & Theatres

SwanWing Productions are bringing their play about William and Harry fighting through the ages to schools and theatres. If you are interested in having us perform at your place, please get in touch.


The scripts for SwanWing Productions' plays are available for hire for performance by your theatre or group. Please get in touch with Saskia if you are interested.


"This fabulous group of actors kept us entertained in Battle last night. A great play based around William & Harry through the ages with nods to the Battle of Hastings throughout. It was funny and moving and wonderfully acted and written. Go see them if you get a chance, they are ace!" 


"Battle to me it was a series of cleverly linked, thoughtful stories of events of the past & present which were entirely appropriate to our own difficult & terrible world in 2022. I also liked the moments of humour and sadness." 


"Wasn’t it just awesome!!!" 


The audience found it 'mesmerising and mind blowing' - and there were tears, too.